Are Vans Good for Parkour? Pros and Cons

Are Vans Good for Parkour?

Parkour is a physical discipline that emphasizes efficient movement through obstacles. It can be practiced anywhere, although many parkour practitioners prefer urban environments because of the variety of available obstacles.

A good shoe is essential for parkour practitioners, as it provides protection from impact and ensures grip and traction when climbing or vaulting. Are Vans Good for Parkour? Are vans good for sports? Are vans good parkour shoes?

These are questions that many parkour practitioners ask, as vans are a popular choice of shoe for other sports such as skateboarding and basketball. This blog post will explore the pros and cons of using vans for parkour to help you decide what shoe is best for you.

Are Vans Good for Parkour?

Choosing the right shoes for parkour is essential, as they can help improve your performance and make the activity more enjoyable. There are many factors to consider when choosing parkour shoes, including size, weight, grip, and cushioning.


The best shoes for parkour are those that fit well and offer good grip and cushioning. They should also be lightweight so that you can move quickly and easily.

Many shoe brands are available, and Vans are popular among parkour practitioners. Vans are good for parkour because they have a lot of features that are ideal for the activity.

For one, the shoes have mesh fabric uppers that are very breathable. This is important because when you’re doing parkour, you’re often jumping and running around, and you need a shoe that can keep up with your movements and keep your feet cool and comfortable.

The Vans Unisex Low-Top Sneakers also have durable uppers and toe overlays.

This is important because when you’re doing parkour, you’re often jumping and running around, and you need a shoe that can withstand all the movement and wear and tear.

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The bottom line is that Vans are good for parkour because they are comfortable, breathable, and durable.

Are Vans Ultra Range Good for Parkour?

Vans Ultra Range Good for Parkour? Without a doubt! Vans Ultra Ranges is one of the best possible options for shoes when it comes to parkour.


They have the perfect mix of comfort, grip, flexibility, and style, which is why they’re so popular among traceurs. They’re also very reasonably priced, which is always a bonus. 

They have a low profile and a comfortable fit that will help you move quickly and efficiently while you’re training. Additionally, the soles are designed to provide good traction while being flexible enough to give you the feel of the ground beneath your feet.

Another reason to choose Vans Ultra Range shoes is that they’re built to last. They’re made with high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of parkour training, so you can be sure they’ll hold up to whatever you throw at them.

So, if you’re looking for a shoe specifically designed for parkour that will provide you with the performance and durability you need, go with the Vans Ultra Range. You won’t be disappointed!

What Vans Shoes Are Good for Parkour?

When it comes to parkour, not all Vans shoes are created equal. While any sneaker can technically be used for parkour, some are better suited for the task than others.

Examples of good Vans shoes for parkour include the Vans Unisex Low-Top Sneakers, the Vans Ultra Range, and the Vans Old Skool.

For instance, the Vans Ultrarange is popular among parkour practitioners because of its lightweight construction and comfortable fit. The Vans Old Skool is another good option, thanks to its durable soles and supportive structure.

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Vans Unisex Low-Top Sneakers are also suitable for parkour because they are comfortable and breathable.

Ultimately, the best parkour shoes are the ones that strike a balance between comfort and function. So if you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers to take your parkour practice to the next level, check out the different types of Vans shoes before making your final decision.


  • Vans shoes are highly breathable, thanks to mesh accents and full-toe overlays. This is essential for parkour athletes, who often need to move quickly and exert themselves for extended periods.
  • Vans shoes are also known for their flexibility, which is crucial for parkour athletes who need to be able to jump, run, and climb with ease.
  • Comfort is another essential factor for parkour athletes; Vans shoes are designed with this in mind. The brand’s shoes feature comfortable uppers and cushioning in the sole that helps reduce impact when landing jumps or running long distances.
  • Durability is another crucial consideration for parkour athletes, as their shoes must withstand a lot of wear and tear. Vans shoes are constructed with durable uppers that stand up to repeated use.
  • The brand’s shoes also feature Ndurance rubber in the outsole, designed to increase durability and provide better grip.
  • Vans shoes also feature Gore-Tex fabric in the uppers, which helps keep feet dry by repelling water. This is ideal for parkour athletes who must stay cool and dry while training or competing.


When it comes to shoes for parkour, vans are a popular choice – but they’re not perfect. Here are two cons of using vans sneakers for parkour athletes: 

  • Vans can be tough to get your foot into because they have a high tongue that needs to be loosened slightly to get your foot in. This can be frustrating when you’re in the middle of a run and want to get going. 
  • The laces on the van’s shoes are pretty long. This might not seem like a big deal, but when you’re constantly jumping and vaulting, you don’t want your laces caught on anything.
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So there you have two cons of using vans shoes for parkour athletes. Of course, every athlete is different, and there are pros to using vans shoes. But if you’re considering using them for parkour, keeping these two cons in mind is essential.

Do Vans Go With Everything?

Vans shoes have become a wardrobe staple for many people, thanks to their versatile and stylish design. But what exactly makes them so popular? For starters, Vans shoes are incredibly comfortable and durable, making them ideal for activities like skateboarding and parkour.

They also have a casual aesthetic that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Additionally, Vans shoes are typically quite affordable, which makes them an excellent choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

And last but not least, the shoes are beautiful, with many colors and patterns. Whether you’re looking for shoes for the skate park or want a comfortable and stylish option for everyday wear, Vans sneakers are worth considering.


So, are vans good for parkour? The answer is yes. Vans shoes are highly breathable and flexible, making them ideal for parkour athletes. They are also comfortable and durable, able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

However, vans can be tough to get your foot into, and the laces are long. So if you’re considering using vans for parkour, keep these two cons in mind. Otherwise, they are a great choice.


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