Parkour Equipment for Schools: Providing Fun and Fitness for Students

Parkour Equipment for Schools

Parkour is a rapidly growing sport that originated in France and is based on the principle of efficient movement. It is a unique and exciting form of exercise that is gaining popularity in schools across the country.

It involves moving through an environment fluidly and efficiently, using only the body’s natural abilities. Parkour can be done anywhere, and it is a great workout.

Parkour equipment can be used in schools to help students develop coordination, strength, and confidence.

School parkour equipment typically includes obstacles such as bars, beams, and mats. It is an investment that can provide countless benefits for students and educators.


Parkour competitions are held regularly worldwide, and many schools are beginning to offer parkour classes as part of their physical education curriculum.

Parkour equipment can help students of all ages to develop essential skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and perseverance.

In addition, parkour can be a fun and exciting way for students to stay active and healthy.

Parkour Equipment for Schools

While parkour can be practiced anywhere, some specialized equipment makes your training more efficient and effective. Here is about thirteen parkour equipment for schools that can help you take your training to the next level:


A launch pad is a delicate equipment used for landing and vaulting. It is typically placed under obstacles such as vault boxes, or wall climbs to provide a smoother landing surface. It helps to cushion falls and prevent injuries.

Vault box

A vault box is a slightly raised platform used to perform vaults in parkour playgrounds. It can be made from various materials but is often made from wood or PVC pipe. It can be placed at different heights to create other challenges.

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Sprint Track

A sprint track is a straight, level surface used for sprinting and running drills. It allows parkour practitioners to build up speed and momentum.

Swings and Slides


Swings and slides are classic playground staples but can also be great tools for parkour training. Swings provide a moving target to jump over or around, while slides can be used to practice sliding under barriers.

Both swings and slides can also be climbed, providing an additional challenge for more experienced parkour practitioners.


Parkour practitioners wear gloves to help protect their hands from scrapes and cuts. Parkour gloves are typically made from durable materials such as leather or Kevlar.

Parkour Shoes

Shoes are an essential piece of parkour equipment, as they need to provide good grip and traction while also being lightweight and comfortable.

Parkour shoes often have a specialized sole with small bumps or ridges to help grip.

Multi-grip Pull-up Bar

This is an excellent piece of equipment for developing upper body strength. It can also be used for other exercises like chin-ups and dips.

Climbing Harness

A climbing harness is a piece of equipment worn around the waist and legs to help with safety while climbing. It is typically made from nylon or polyester webbing and has multiple attachment points for clipping into anchors.

Parkour Pants

Parkour pants are lightweight and comfortable, making them ideal for training sessions. They typically have multiple pockets for storing small items; some even have reinforced knees and ankles for added protection.

Rubber Training Band

A rubber training band is a versatile equipment for various parkour exercises. It can be used to improve grip strength, as well as to provide resistance training for the legs and arms.

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A trampoline is a must-have for an outdoor and indoor parkour park. It provides a safe and bouncy surface for practicing flips and other tricks and is also great for building strength and coordination.


A timer is a device used to time parkour training sessions. It can be a simple stopwatch or a more sophisticated digital gadget that records time, date, and other data. It allows them to track their training progress and ensure that they complete their workouts promptly manner.

Training Diary

A training diary is a way to keep track of your progress and document your training regimen. It can be a simple notebook or an online journal.

How Much is School Playground Equipment?

School playground equipment can be pretty expensive. Depending on several factors, the equipment can range in price from a few hundred dollars to upwards of several thousand.

In many cases, the cost of the equipment will be determined by the age of the students who will be using it, the size of the playground, the type of equipment, and the quality of the materials.

For example, kindergarten and elementary school typically need less robust and less expensive equipment for their kid’s parkour than middle or high school students.

Additionally, simple swings and slides are typically less expensive than more complex playgrounds with multiple pieces of equipment.

As such, schools should carefully consider their budgets when purchasing playground equipment.

Are you allowed to run on school tracks?

To ensure students’ safety and maintain the school track’s quality, most schools have a policy that only allows students to run on the track during PE class or after-school running clubs.

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This allows the school to keep an eye on students and make sure they are running safely. It also prevents students from damaging the track by playing games or engaging in other activities that could wear down the surface.

However, some schools allow students to use the track during lunch breaks or before/after school, as long as they follow specific rules.

For example, students might be required to stay within a particular lane or off the track if it is wet. Ultimately, it is up to each school to decide whether or not students are allowed to run on the track.


Parkour is not as dangerous as many critics assume, it is about learning to use your body efficiently and creatively and can be safe when practiced with the proper equipment and supervision.

Parkour equipment for schools can help provide a fun and fitness-oriented activity for students while teaching them essential skills such as balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.

In addition, parkour equipment can be used to create obstacle courses that can be tailored to the individual abilities of each student.

With the proper planning and implementation, parkour equipment can help create a safe and enjoyable environment for students of all ages.


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